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Ankle sprains are a common cause of swelling and pain in the ankle joint. To reduce your risk for more serious complications from ankle sprains, the team at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery offers customized treatment and prevention resources in-office. The experienced podiatrists can assist you with choosing orthotics and footwear that better support your ankle joint. They also specialize in customized treatment plans to address persistent ankle pain and loss of joint mobility. To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for ankle sprains, call the Richmond or Farmville, Virginia, office today or book an appointment online.

Ankle Sprains Q&A

What are ankle sprains?

Ankle sprains are a common type of injury that affect the ligaments surrounding your ankle joint. If you roll, twist, or turn your ankle in an awkward way, you can stretch your ligaments too far and lose the range of motion you have in your joint.

Your risk for ankle sprains increases with any physical activity, including walking and running, especially on uneven surfaces. Unexpected trips and falls can also strain the ligaments in your ankle, leading to pain, swelling, and bruising.

Other risk factors for ankle sprains include:

  • Ankle weakness
  • Improper footwear
  • History of ankle injuries
  • Lack of flexibility in the ankle joint
  • Repetitive movements in sports

If you have ankle pain that isn’t getting better with home care, you should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery. Delaying a diagnosis can lead to complications like a ruptured ligament, especially if you continue to bear weight on your ankle joint.

How are ankle sprains diagnosed?

To ensure your pain relates to an ankle sprain and not something more serious, the team at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery physically examines the area around your joint. They check for signs of bruising and swelling and test your joint’s flexibility.

You may also need X-rays or other diagnostic imaging tests to rule out stress fractures or other joint injuries.

How are ankle sprains treated?

Typically, ankle sprains heal naturally with plenty of rest. Over-the-counter medications, ice therapy, and elevating your joint can reduce swelling and pain.

The team at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery also offers resources to help reduce your risk for additional ankle sprains. They can suggest footwear changes and custom orthotics that provide more support for your ankle when running or playing sports.

The providers can show you warm-up exercises you should do before physical activity and teach you how to wrap or brace your ankle to reduce joint stress if you need extra support.

If you have symptoms of an ankle sprain, you can schedule a diagnostic evaluation online or by calling the New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery office nearest you today.