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Ankle pain is a common complaint among runners and others who stay physically active. If your ankle pain is limiting what you can do, it’s important that you get an accurate diagnosis. At New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery, the experienced podiatry team offers in-office diagnostic imaging technologies to determine what’s causing your ankle pain. The team also specializes in non-surgical and surgical treatments to address ankle fractures, ligament tears, arthritis, and other common causes of ankle pain. To schedule a consultation for ankle pain, call the office in Farmville or Richmond, Virginia, today or book an appointment online.

Ankle Pain Q&A

What causes ankle pain?

Ankle pain can be a side effect of an acute injury in your ankle. Everyday activities, like walking or running on an uneven surface, can put stress on the soft tissues that support your ankle joint.

Athletes at all levels are also at risk for ankle pain due to overuse injuries of the ankle joint. The movements required of many sports may increase your risk of twisting or landing awkwardly on your ankle.

People who experience chronic ankle pain may have an underlying disease like osteoarthritis. This degenerative condition develops when the protective cartilage that lines the bones of your ankle joint wears away. Without sufficient cartilage, the bones in your ankle joint rub together, creating inflammation and pain.

Other conditions that can cause ankle pain include:

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation with the team at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery if you’re unable to put weight on your ankle or have significant swelling or bruising around the

ankle joint. Delaying a diagnosis can increase your risk for more serious complications if your condition worsens.

How is ankle pain diagnosed?

The team at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery offers comprehensive evaluations of your ankle to determine the root cause of your pain. They physically examine the area around your ankle and evaluate the range of motion you have in the joint.

To get a closer look at the structures of your joint, the podiatry team may request X-rays or other diagnostic imaging tests. Based on the results of testing, they will customize a treatment plan to relieve your pain and restore the function of your ankle joint.

How is ankle pain treated?

Often, minor ankle injuries get better with rest and over-the-counter medications. If you have an ankle sprain, your treatment will likely involve rest, ice, elevation, and compression.

The podiatry team at New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery may also recommend physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support your ankle joint. If you can’t participate in therapy because of your pain, you may need prescription pain relievers or cortisone injections that deliver anti-inflammatory medications directly into your joint.

If your ankle pain is chronic because of a fracture or other serious injury, you may need surgery to repair the bone or soft tissues.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for ankle pain, call the New Age Foot & Ankle Surgery office nearest you or book a consultation online today.